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  1. Goto
  2. select country and  enter mobilenumber
  3. Then type messages and verification code and send.

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Step 1 – Country codeSelect the country to which you want to send your SMS by choosing a name from this list. The page that is currently visible on your screen requires you to enter the number of the recipient of your SMS. Before entering the number you should change the country code browsing through the list or typing the country’s name in the search bar on top. Countries are listed in an alphabetical order. Select the country to which you want to send your SMS by choosing a name from this list.

Step 2 – Enter the number of the recipientAfter you have selected the country you will see that the country code in the space provided below has changed. You have to enter the number of the recipient, check if it is correct and click on the ‘Next’ button situated below it.

Step 3 – Send textEnter the message you wish to communicate, keeping in mind that you are allowed to enter only 140 characters in a single message. It is advisable that one type their name at the end of each message, so that recipients easily identify who has contacted them. Next, click on the checkbox below to verify that you are not a robot. After the verification is done and a check mark appears, click on the ‘Send Text’ button.

Step 4 – Check the statusYour message will be transferred immediately to the recipient’s number and the page showcases progress of said message. After 60 seconds are over you will be able to check the status of this message, to verify whether it has been delivered to the recipient’s number. If it has been delivered successfully a delivery message is automatically displayed.

Step 5 – Back to StartClicking on the ‘Next’ button will lead to you to a message thanking you for using this service, and a ‘Back to Start’ button, which allows you to go back directly to the homepage, becomes visible.

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