How to be Secured and Safe in Online

How to be Secured and Safe in Online

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 You can protect yourself in online by following some steps there are multiple ways to protect.

  •  Enable two factor authentication to all your email accounts and online accounts where ever you can enable
  • Make password patterns if you cannot remember the different passwords for different accounts,with password pattern you can easily remember the multiple password, Never use the same passwords for multiple accounts.
  •  Never save the passwords in others or outside computers or mobiles
  • Change the passwords regularly to your accounts mainly bank account password you  have to change every 80-90 days
  • If you are using the someone’s or public netcafe computer or mobile, prefer to use incognito or private browser because it will not save your browsing history,password,and auto fill data…etc.
  • Prefer to use on screen keyboard for more security as the physical keyboard typos can be tracked by  malware software and tools, those software can save all your data and passwords.

How to be Secured and Safe in mobile

  •  Now a days having internet in mobile is very common, There are many advantages and disadvantages with it.
  • Avoid the applications installation which are not protected by play store,istore or app stores.
  •  Do not open the Email attachments which are not authorized emails, how to find out that  received email is authorized or not.
  • When you open an email you can see the view details of the emails, Check whether the from emails address is authorized or not, browse in google if you have doubt on that received domain.
  •  Some times  you cannot see any impact on your mobile but some application run in background with you permission if you have enable the allow applications from unknown source.
  • Check  all the applications running in background  in your mobile if you find any unknown application or process  uninstall it.
  • Some times websites looks like original but they are not for  example.
  • Instead of “i” they use “!” andInstead of “O”  they use “0(Zero)”, you cannot find difference immediately but if you see you can find to some website which are duplicates.
  • Do not  share the your email id , mobile number and personal data everywhere like in WhatsApp, Facebook some spam links will come in groups or individuals by other.
  • Example  you will get Paytm cash or money by giving the details and it will ask to share to people the you will get money. Don’t click on those kind of URLs and share to other as it contains spam.
  •  And If you give your details, they will sell your data to spammers and marketing people to generate revenue finally your data will be in risk.
  • Due to this you will spam call from spammers and they will speaks like bankers.
  • Never share the Password,OTP,CVV,CardNumbers,CustomerIDs…etc. Never send money to any unknown persons if they tell you, you won lucky draw will get lakhs of money
  • Spammers attracts you by tell above reasons.
  • Do not react to the messages which comes from unknown numbers or sources.

How to be Secured and Safe in Computer

  •  Change your Computer Passwords Regularly and the password should contains minimum strength.
  • Like Minimum Password length should be 8 Characters,it should contain at least One capital character, one small character,one numeric digit, and one symbol.
  • They only spammers cannot your find out easily.
  • Browse all banking websites in incognito or private window in browser
  • And Use Virtual or OnScreen Keyboard for more Security.
  • Do not save the passwords in browser because every one can find out saved password easily from setting tab in browser.
  • There are multiple way available to find out saved passwords
  • Regularly check the hosts file which is available at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc any spammer or unknown domain is added, if added remove it.
  • Do not blindly click Next,Next While installing softwares in your computer, check any extenstions or  softwares are getting installed with it.
  • Scan your computer regularly and remove if it find any threats.
  • Install all the OS updates available for your computer which installs the new security patches.

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