How to Connect Ubuntu Linux GUI Remotely from Windows Remote Desktop

The Ubuntu Linux operating system is available either with or without a desktop environment. The version with the desktop environment is meant for personal use and includes word processing, email and graphic editing Software. The version without the desktop environment is called “Ubuntu Server.” The server version does not come with any graphical software or productivity Software. There are three different desktop environments available for the Ubuntu operating system

Connect Ubuntu System from Putty if you are connecting from windows or Connect Ubuntu System Direct

Download Putty From Here
  • Once Downloaded Open the Putty Tool
  • Enter the Host Name and Click on Open
  • Next Enter the username and password
  • After Connecting Successfully, Follow the Below Steps to Install Ubuntu Desktop and Xrdp

Installation steps for Ubuntu Desktop and Xrdp

The sudo apt-get update command is used to download package information from all configured sources.

          sudo apt-get update

Install ubuntu desktop with Below command

          sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

Next, Install Xrdp using the below command

          sudo apt-get install xrdp

Then update the Download packages information with below command
          sudo apt-get update

Next, Install Xfce4 using below command

          sudo apt-get install xfce4

Once the above steps are completed successfully, create .xsession file to connect using Remote desktop by using below command

          echo xfce4-session >  ~/.xsession

You are done with the commands and now you can go head and connect to ubuntu server or system using windows remote desktop.

Connect Ubuntu system using windows remote desktop connection

Open Run Command By clicking on Windows + R Key at a time

Enter mstsc command in run command prompt

Next, enter Host Name or IP address of Host

Then Click on Connect

Identity of remote connection, Click on Yes.

Next you will see XRDP screen.

Enter The Ubuntu Username and password to connect GUI of Ubuntu

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Troubleshooting :

·        Allow Firewall with port number 3389

·        If Azure or Aws Server allow port number 3389 to all IP address or to any specific IP address

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