Migrate Database from Azure to AWS,Local

Migrating SQL Server databases from AWS RDS to Azure SQL Database, To Local
Azure Database to local and AWS RDS

Restore From Azure database  to Local Database

  • Download the SQLAzureMW Tools to do this.
  • Once you Download the Tool, Unzip the file and find for SQLAzureMW.exe
  • Open SQLAzureMW.exe 
  •  Select Database and Click Next.
  •  Enter the Source Database Details and Click Next
  • Next  select the source database
  • Then enter the destination database details.
  • Note: Destination database should be empty database
  • Click Next and Wait till it complete the process.
  • That’s it The Database will be restored to the destination server
This works For Below Methods.

Migrating the Azure SQL Database to Local SQL Database 

Migrating Azure SQL Database to AWS RDS Database

Migrating Azure SQL Database to Local SQL Database then Local Database to AWS RDS

Migrating From Local to Azure SQL Database For Free

May be it works for other methods also.

Download the tool Below

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