How to Get 5 Free Business Email Using Zoho Mail

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1.    Registered Domain.

2.    Knowledge on adding DNS records in to Domain

 Step 1: Go to Zoho Mail Page

Open Zoho Mail Page. Scroll to the bottom, there you will see the FREE PLAN, click on get started.

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  • Next you have to enter your existing domain and click on ADD
  •  Once you enter the Domain name it will ask for Registration Details.
  •      Fill All the Details and click proceed.

·        Enter the unique verification code sent to your mobile number.

Step 2: Domain Setup of Zoho Mail

Verify your domain name by adding DNS Records

·        Zoho mail needs to verify the domain ownership to complete the process. From the left pane, navigate to Verify Domain and then move to Select your DNS Manager. Expand your drop-down menu and choose your particular domain name provider.

·        Zoho Mail allows you to verify the domain by using three methods:

·        CNAME Method, TXT Method, HTML Method

·        Login Domain Account where you have created your domain like Godaddy, BlueHost..etc

·        Click on Domain and Go to DNS Manager.

·        Click On ADD, select CNAME Copy and paste the Name and Value from Zoho site.

·        Next, Click on Proceed to CNAME Verification.

·        It will automatically log you into your default business email admin account.

·        Then you can add up to 5 user which will have 5GB storage limit.

The Most Important is follow below steps to Receive Emails to Business Email accounts.

·        You need to setup MX record with Domain account.

·        Next Click On domains from admin account,

·        There you will see three MX record values, those you have to add in registered domain DNS manager.

·        Go to DNS Manager like GoDaddy or Bluehost.

·        Select Type as MX record and enter host as ‘@’ value as priority as 10, the same way you have to add three MX records.

·        Then Verify all SPF, DKIM  records.

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That’s it all should work well.

 Please comment if you have any doubts or if you need any help