Increase Jio 4G Internet Speed with APN Settings

Do not believe the rumors about Jio or Mobile Internet speed, because all the mobile networks are providing the Maximum 25 Mbps Speed only as of now.

How to increase jio 4g internet speed

  1. Open your Mobile Settings option.
  2. Click on “Dual Sim & Mobile Network” or “Sim & Network” settings.
  3. Select the Jio 4G Sim option and open “Access Points Names“.
  4. Next, Click on the I Icon of Existing APN or create new APN
  5. Then Enter the below APN Settings.
  6. That’s it. Enjoy the Full Speed of Internet

Boost Mobile Internet Speed

JIO APN Settings

Name:  Jio 4G

APN: NetSpeed

Proxy: Not Set

Port: Not Set

Username: Not Set

Password: Not Set


MMSC: Not Set

MMS Proxy: Not Set

MCC: 405

MNC: 854

Authentication Type: PAP

APN Type: default

APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6

APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4/IPv6

Bearer: LTE

MVNO Type: None

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Jio APN Settings for Faster 4G Internet

Jio APN Settings For Faster Internet Access

Quick steps to setting up your smartphone APN for mobile data access :

Android devices:
1. Visit the settings menu of your device
2. Click on Settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names
3. Select Reset to default
4. Go to Menu button > Tap New APN.
5. Enter ‘Name’ field and ‘APN’ field as ‘JioNet’ & tap ‘OK’. Your APN has now been configured for mobile data access.

iOS devices:
Apple devices self-detect the APN and configure internet access on your mobile automatically.

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