How to Save SendGrid Email Activity Feeds for Free

How to Save SendGrid Email Activity Feeds for Free 

1  Create Event Kit

·  Go to URL

·  Then click on ”Deploy to heroku”

·  It will go to the Heroku website, then Register on “Heroku “

·  After Registration it will Show you to Create New App, Create it.

·  Next give the App Name and click on “Deploy”.

·  After completion of Deploy click on View.

·  And create the new Username and password, confirm password then submit.

·  Now Copy the URL which is showing the top . 

 The  Copied URL put it in one document.

·  Then open Send Grid and Go to settings à Mail settings.

·  On mail settings click on Event Notification.

·  Select “ON” and “EDIT”.

·  Go to HTTP POST URL and Paste the event kit URL(copied) Here and click right mark.

·  That’s it.

·  Send Grid posts the email activity in Event Kit.

·  If you want to download the email activity from event kit.

·  Go to event kit with that HTTP URL

·  Click on detailed search and select filter

·  Then click on Download CSV.

Note: Heroku stores only 10000 records for free, you can delete the email activity by selecting settings to month in heroku.


The Email Activity Feed allows you to view a snapshot of recent email-related activity events associated with your account and any sub users.

It makes the delivery flow of each message visible, which expedites troubleshooting. The additional Email Activity history add-on extends event access up to 30 days.

With the Email Activity feed you can:

  • Troubleshoot email delivery issues faster with comprehensive and sequential event data by email message.
  • Pinpoint specific emails easily with advanced search and filter options–including subject line and email metadata.
  • Customize your data independently with the CSV download/export option.
  • View up to 30 days of history when you purchase an upgrade.
  • Call all events by an email message from the API when you purchase additional storage.

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